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Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression – From Your Bettendorf Chiropractor

Spinal decompression can be an effective treatment for back pain, particularly pain caused by disc issues such as bulging discs and herniated discs. By gently stretching the spine, it is possible to create negative pressure on discs and encourage them to move back to their original position – taking pressure off of nerves and encouraging healing. As your Bettendorf chiropractor, we offer spinal decompression treatment that may give you significant relief from back and neck pain. Contact us now to learn more!

What is Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

Your spine is constructed of vertebrae stacked one on top of the other, each separated by a disc. The discs in your back are made of two main layers, a soft inner layer, and a tough outer layer. Healthy discs are hydrated, full and situated in a specific way to provide maximum cushion and mobility. Unfortunately, over time discs can become dry, brittle, dislodged and even tear. The vertebrae can begin to rub together in some instances. In other cases, discs may move from their proper place, or tear in a way that allows the soft inner layer to emerge. Many times the malfunctioning discs will put pressure on the nerves in the spine, causing pain and discomfort.

Spinal decompression is designed to gently pull the vertebrae apart, safely creating space that allows the spine and discs to heal. Treatment can make space for discs to return to their original positions, or to pull back into their original structure. Pressure can be relieved on nerves, while nutrient-rich fluids circulate in the area so discs and surrounding soft tissues can heal.

Spinal Decompression Treatment

At Absolute Balance Chiropractic, we offer non-surgical spinal decompression treatment that is gentle and non-invasive. We use a specially designed table that secures your body and uses a computer-controlled motor system to stretch your spine to exacting specifications. A session on the table is rarely painful. Instead, it tends to bring a feeling of relief as you feel your spine stretched and your body return to its normal structure. Patients often report immediate relief from symptoms, and repeated treatment sessions have been shown to encourage healing and lead to significant improvement in symptoms over the long term.

What Conditions Does Spinal Decompression Treat?

There are a variety of conditions that spinal decompression can treat, including:

Back and Neck Pain

Along with chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression is one of the main treatments we use to help treat back and neck pain. Decompressing the spine gives us an opportunity to take the majority of pressure off of your discs and nerves, which can bring real and noticeable relief from pain and discomfort. Decompression also lets us accomplish something that would be impossible any other way – creating space that lets discs go back where they belong, improve circulation and speed up healing.


Spinal decompression allows us to relieve the pressure on your sciatic nerve, the same pressure that is producing your symptoms. Treatment can help improve symptoms like pain, numbness, shooting pains and weakness.

Disc Issues

Herniated discs, bulging discs and degenerative disc disease are all effectively treated with spinal decompression therapy.

Get the Treatment You Need

If you are experiencing neck or back pain, we would like the opportunity to examine you and determine if spinal decompression would be a good treatment option for your condition. Please contact our team at Absolute Balance Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment and get relief from your pain and discomfort. Give us a call at (563) 332-6036 today to speak to one of our team members!