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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Treatment at Absolute Balance Chiropractic in Bettendorf, IA

Dr. Kay Knight is our experienced Bettendorf chiropractor at Absolute Balance Chiropractic, and she takes a special interest in helping patients suffering from chronic or acute neck pain. While occasionally caused by congenital and degenerative spinal issues, most neck pain is sourced due to accidents such as personal injuries, occupational hazards and automobile accidents.

The neck supports the entire head and is one of the most taxed areas of the body, as it contains some of the most frequently used and most fragile set of tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Dr. Knight uses holistic and natural chiropractic care and techniques to help patients get neck pain relief from the most common injuries without the need for surgery or pain medication.


Common Causes of Neck Pain Seen by Our Bettendorf Chiropractor

Some type of damage or stress within the connecting muscles between the shoulder and cervical spine in a region called the levator scapulae typically sources most types of neck pain. While our Bettendorf chiropractor sees quite a few cases of neck injuries and conditions that cause pain and the loss of mobility, these are some of the most common culprits she encounters.

Emotional and Physical Stress—Overdoing it physically or experiencing extreme amounts of emotional stress can form tension in the shoulders and neck, causing pain and limiting the range of motion.

Auto, Work and Personal Injuries—Slip and fall accidents, sports impacts and whiplash are frequent causes of neck pain.

Repetitive Motions & Overuse—If you participate in sports or a career that requires you do turn your neck frequently such as being an on-the-road driver or work on an assembly line, neck pains and strains will crop up from time to time due to overuse.

Text Neck & Postural Issues—You might not have heard of a condition that chiropractors have dubbed ‘text neck,’ but the odds are that you or several people you know have or currently suffer from it. With the use of laptops, tablets, and smart phones steadily on the rise, many people spend more hours each day looking down at these devices. After hours and hours of having the neck in this improper posture, it’s only reasonable that the muscles and ligaments would be strained. However, any type of poor posture can cause nerve and vertebra issues in the spine that can source neck pain, too.

Techniques and Services for Neck Pain at Absolute Balance Chiropractic

Dr. Knight is on a solid mission to discover the root causes of your neck pain issues and is committed to treating them from the source so you can enjoy long term pain relief. She uses her gentle touch and holistic healing skills integrated with several non-invasive techniques to succeed in these goals. Our services for neck pain relief include:

Chiropractic Adjustments—Our Bettendorf chiropractor specializes in spinal adjustments utilizing the highly effective Graston Technique to gently realign the spinal column and alleviate pressure from impinged nerves that cause pain.

Massage Therapy ServicesWe offer patients 5-30 minute chair massages for those on the go. Our licensed therapist also provides stress relieving relaxation massages to alleviate the stress that causes neck pain and headaches. Therapeutic massages help soften muscles, reduces spasms and release tight fascia muscles that can cause sour neck ailments.

Physiotherapy—Techniques include cold laser therapy, electric stimulation, moist heat and cold applications.

Spinal Decompression—This table-assisted spinal treatment helps stretch vertebrae, allowing vital communications to properly flow throughout the body.

Active Rehabilitation—We’ll help you with corrective exercises to promote muscle strength to increase healing time.

Active Release Technique—This therapy helps alleviate pain and heal soft tissue injuries in the neck.

Looking for Natural Neck Pain Relief in Bettendorf, IA?

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